Taichung, Taiwan – An Exciting City With A Rich Culture

There are many sights and attractions in Taichung, Taiwan. The city is popular because of the fact that it is rich with culture, has an economy that is stable and booming with opportunity, and has technologically advanced communication systems.

The city was established during the time of the Qing Dynasty in the year of 1886. Centered on the Basin of Taichung, many tourists flock to this location annually to enjoy the attractions and various sights that the city has to offer.
In this travel guide, you will learn of the many activities that can be enjoyed in this exciting Taiwanese city.

Confucius Temple
The Confucius Temple that was established approximately fifty years ago is a favorite among Americans and Europeans that visit the city of Taichung, Taiwan. It was established to honor that Chinese Philosopher, Confucius.
On September 28th of each year, locals and tourists alike come together to celebrate the life and wisdom of this world famous thinker due to the fact that this day marks his birth into the world. If you enjoy simple wisdom and want to experience the culture of this magnificent city, this temple should be on your “sights to see” list.

Yamay Resort

The Yamay Resort in Taichung, Taiwan is a popular resort among individuals who visit as a family. You can discover this attraction in the township of Houli.
Here, you can visit a theme park called Discovery World, as well as a theme park called Mala Bay Water Park. At “Discovery World” there are various themes established within the attraction, such as “Magical Castle” and “Future World” (here is a nice review). At the water park, individuals can enjoy attractions like the “Chu Slide” as well as the “Beach Theatre”.


If you enjoy the cultural aspects of wine tasting, you are sure to enjoy visiting the Taichung Winery. When visiting this particular attraction, you will be given a detailed, historical tour that highlights the history of the structure, as well as the wine itself.
You will learn the wine making process as well as many interesting facts concerning the ingredients of the wines as well as the cultural impact on the development of the wines. By the way, the Winery was even featured with the Best New Zealand and Region Wines by the Gambling Traveler Review.

Popular Museums
There are many popular museums in which Americans and European travelers enjoy frequenting. If you plan on visiting this popular Taiwan city, you should be certain that you experience at least one of the many museums that are open to the public.
One is called The National Museum of Natural Science (see picture). Families visiting the area enjoy the exhibits that are placed here. One of the most popular includes dinosaurs that are depicted to resemble real ones that roamed the Earth that are robotic controlled.

If you enjoy displays that reflect pyramids of the Egyptians or learning about the rainforests of the world, you are likely to enjoy The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.
After a one day trip, Fong Jia Night Market is a good place for you to shop and try Taiwanese cuisine. It is near the Feng Chia University. You can also buy low priced clothes and taste international and local foods in a small stall, all at reasonable prices.

If you are planning a trip to Taiwan, put the city on your list of spectacular places to go, along with a note to stop by Confucius Temple, Yamay Resort, the Winery, and the popular museums there. You will be pleased that you did!

Lisa Mills