Public Speaking & Stage Fright: Quick Cure

Stage fright is what stops most people from doing seminars or public speaking. Seminars are a terrific way to promote yourself, generate more business, and make sales of your product or service but you’ll never do it unless you get rid of stage fright once and for all.

Stage fright is the panic and fear that hits people right before they go up to speak, or when they’re already speaking.

People manage to “create their brand” through stage fright in a number of ways, but a very common way is to look out over an audience, and feel the eyes of a bunch of staring strangers burning a hole in them. Yikes! Who wouldn’t feel uncomfortable with all those eyes burning holes in them?!

Here’s how to prevent that from ever happening to you: arrive early before your talk, and make time to walk around and meet some of the audience members.

Introduce yourself as the speaker, thank them for coming, ask them some targeted questions about what they’re hoping to hear about.

Be genuinely friendly & curious, and it will feel good to talk to these people. Then, when you’re “on stage”, be sure to make eye contact with ‘your new friends” consistently.

Well, if it’s a small group, you may even be able to meet everyone before you start your talk.

Meeting people and being friendly before you start your talk means these people are not strangers boring holes in you, they’re your new friends!

Lisa Mills