Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Review

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is an amazingly flashy and fun fighting game that has a whole new depth to it. The old characters return along with some new stylish characters which have their own personal signature moves. This game also has some great rivalries with heroes and villains which will impress the old time fans of the game and comic. The one thing that people might not like is the lack of game modes. Some people want an expensive fighting game look, which they will not get from this game.

We still have the Three on Three Battles with hyper combos which we all love. If you want to fire those huge fireballs and play on your HDTV, then this game is definitely for you! You can still tag in your partners for a brief moment and excavate those huge devastating moves on your opponents.

The new moves allow you to throw your opponent into the air and do combos and while doing that shift to another character. It may sound a bit similar to the old game but even the people who know this game inside out will have to retrain themselves to the new techniques of this game.

The most noticeable change is the downsizing in the roster list. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 had a list of 56 players while MvC3 has only a 36 player roster list. Even the new players who you may have never seen are interestingly fascinating. While playing this game, I found that I could rely on these players more than the old characters such as spider-man! Every player has their own abilities and no two or three players are alike. You might confuse yourself with a few characters abilities with others players but you have to get used to their way and their fighting style. Even the more powerful characters fit in with the much weaker characters to bring an overall balance to the roster.

The most important part here is that the roster list is much more diverse even though it’s less than the previous version. It’s just entertaining. When you have mastered the abilities of one character and perfected his skills, you will wonder how those skills will match with others abilities. This is a true sign that the game developer has finally revived this game and name. No game is perfect and no one gets a 10 on 10 reviews but, this game has gotten the most important features correct which bring out the life of this game. The most important question here would be, is the balance of characters correct? From the last version of the game, 20 characters have been cut out and some have been replaced with new and improved characters. Which somewhat, covers the loss but we still are disappointed when we don’t see characters such as Venom or even Mega Man!

Not only have the rosters changed but also the ability to change characters while in the air doing your combo move! MvC3 has added the ability to increase and boost your speed and strength of your favorite characters. It’s very simple, but each character is affected in a different way by this new technique.

This game may seem easy and sound as if everyone can master the skills do defeat the other, but in reality, those people who have mastered this game already will be able to defeat every opponent within a few seconds. For those new beginners, the developers of the game have introduced a SIMPLE MODE.

In this mode of the game, it makes you focus on your combos and not the strength. When you want to use your Hyper Combo Move, all you have to do is click one button and wala! You got your combo down!

Marvel Vs.Capcom doesn’t disappoint me at all even though it been almost a decade since its wait. It’s almost the same and crazy game as Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 but with more insane tricks and moves which will just amaze you! The balance between the old and new characters excites you and wants to make you just play play play and learn everything about the game. It can just take hours to learn all the player’s combos and Hyper Combos, but those hours will be worth it in the end. The graphics of the game are astonishing and really amazed me.

If you want a game which will bring back memories and which will amaze you, then I’d suggest getting your hands on MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3!!!

Lisa Mills