How to Save Money When Studying in Australia

Studying abroad in Australia can be expensive, but the experience you will gain is worth far more than anything that money can buy.

However, there are ways that you can cut down the costs of studying in Australia so that it will not destroy your budget. Here are a few tips for saving money while studying overseas in Australia:

Become a tutor

There’s a lot of assignment writing services in Australia, Edusson is probably one of the best of them. If you want to earn some some, become a tutor a a ghost writer.

Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Many businesses offer sweet deals for students and if you carry around the student card from your Australian university you can get cheaper movie tickets, museum admissions, bus passes, and much more. Sometimes these student discounts are only 5-10% cheaper, but sometimes they can be up to half of the ordinary price. If you don’t see a student discount advertised, it is worth it to ask about it anyway as they might be able to offer you a better rate.

Share Accommodation

When you are studying abroad in Australia you can save a lot of money by splitting your rent with a friend. Sometimes groups of students even live in a multi-bedroom house, each taking one bedroom and dividing up the rent accordingly. Your living costs will be one of your biggest expenses so this is a great way to significantly reduce them. Make sure that you find flatmates that you are compatible with so that you will enjoy spending time with them and won’t drive each other crazy.

Get a Scholarship

If you are still in school and are considering studying abroad in Australia when you graduate, stop reading this right now and start studying as hard as you possibly can. The better your marks are, the more potential you have to achieve scholarships. Once you have gotten yourself on the honor roll with your best marks ever, do some research and apply to as many scholarships as you can. If you can get a scholarship you can use it to fund your studies in Australia and save a huge amount of money.

Travel on the Cheap

Of course, while you are studying abroad in Australia you will want to take some time to travel around and see some of this beautiful country. There are many ways that you can make your travel adventures in Australia more affordable. For example, you could check out Couchsurfing which is a hospitality exchange social network that helps you find friendly locals who will let you sleep on their couch for free. You can make your way around Australia this way without having to pay for accommodation and you will also be able to meet many friendly local people! You can also look into other ways to save money on your travels, such as flying with low-cost carriers, staying in hostels, traveling on the off-season and more.

These are just a few ways that you can cut down your expenses and save money while studying in Australia.

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Lisa Mills