Batman’s Ready to Take Back Arkham City

Both Batman and the City Of Gotham share something special together. When the batman is around, it seems as if he knows all the streets and crannies and corners of the City! In the previous game, Batman was trapped the Asylum of Arkham and it seemed as if he had been lost and away from the city which he loves! But in this game, it’s not the Batman who’s stuck, but instead, it’s the bad criminals that are stuck instead. They are trapped with the BATMAN!

The city of Arkham is a small section in the back of Gotham which is run by some Warden named Hugo Strange, a place where all the inmates are kept. Many of the criminals have found ways to run their own little areas. Each section and district of the game has its own levels and you have to unravel clues in order to see the BIG PICTURE.

In the beginning of the game, the batman starts off with all the minor gadgets he needs including his Bat Claw, and Batarand etc. They all seemed to have been upgraded from the previous game. This time around the Batman can take full advantage of his surroundings.

But the main pieces of equipment he needs are his Batcape and his grappling moves! While being in Arkham City, you have to be able to glide through the air and from building to building. The Batman can even grab posters and choppers, but the downside is that the Asylum is restricted even though it has a whole new story. In this game, it’s the Batmans City and he has taken many years to perfect these new gadgets etc.

The city is really quiet when you first play the game. But when you see the underworld you’ll go insane! The bars, dark alleys and the danger that’s set for you around every corner.

The graphics of this game are really good and everything seems great! The one downside to this is the detective mode, which really doesn’t help at all. You have your armed guards, the riddles, and criminals in every corner.

The Batman right from the start of the game is a badass who goes around just punching people and beating the life out of them. All this with him relying on his detective mode!

The one really new and impressive feature is the Batman’s new gadget called the Cryptographic Sequencer. With this gadget, you can hack signals of criminals across town and listen to each and every word they are saying. How cool!

This is how I pictured it! The Batman is back with his new gadgets and upgrades, and this time he’s in his Town! If you want to know more about this exciting new game, then I’d say, you get yourself a copy of the game ASAP and start playing! Overall, a great gaming experience.


Lisa Mills